The DCL-Loma Linda trial yielded positive results from both patients and caregivers.

For caregivers, a six person team from Loma Linda comprised the primary dashboard users.  Survey results were both positive and informative, which delivered valuable insight for the design improvements that we incorporated into version 2.  Version 3 will also include on-line feedback capabilities to enable DCL Health to apply improvements and innovations on a continual basis.  The table below reflects the MyHeart Dashboard survey quality results.

This dashboard has all the functions I expect it to have66%
The information displayed on the dashboard was easy to understand100%
It was easy to navigate and find the information I needed83%
As a cardiac health professional, this dashboard captures all the necessary vitals and patient data66%
I trust the data presented in this dashboard66%
It was easy to learn to use this dashboard66%
I can easily pin point critical areas by using this dashboard100%
Using this dashboard would make it easier to do my job66%
Using this dashboard would enhance my effectiveness on the job66%
Using this dashboard saves me time in determining high risk patients I need to focus on83%
I utilize the patient detail page to make informed decisions about patients100%
The organization of information on this dashboard was clear83%
The dashboard allows me to make decisions about which patients to call or visit100%
The color highlighted scheme is easy to understand100%
The charts in the patient detail page are clear and easy to understand100%
I find emails about patient's risk condition very helpful83%
The text alerts about patient's risk condition is extremely useful to me50%
The text message and email content notifying the patient's risk condition was easy to understand100%

For patients, we conducted a focus group which produced several key observations that are shaping the product design and services for the version 2 and version 3 systems.  An additional aspect to DCL Health is the support services for our systems, which we are fine-tuning based upon focus group results.

In sum, our trial results will help DCL Health produce successful outcomes for patients.