Data security is among the most important aspects of DCL Health.  Aside from data encryption in transit, we remove patient identifiers from the transaction stream, so privacy is protected.

Bluetooth data that is transmitted between bio sensors and BioLink contains no patient references.  It is comprised of streamed hexadecimal values.  Transmissions from BioLink to the DCL processing center are fully encrypted with the RSA algorithm.  DCL adds an extra layer of protection by obfuscating data elements, so information exchanged is undefinable to parties without authorization.

DCL utilized the Symantec/Digicert Trust Center which performs regular vulnerability assessments along with a daily malware scan of our on-line resources.  DCL also receives early warnings if there are any potential problems.

Start date:                          17-Dec-2015

Valid through:                   25-Dec-2019

Product:                              Secure Site with EV

Order status:                      VALID

AutoRenewal:                    Activated

Algorithm type:                 RSA

Product:                                Norton™ Secured Seal for SSL

Service status:                      Valid

Scan result:                           Passed

Seal-in-Search:                     On

Secured Seal status:            On